Q. Do you fill blank or other brewery's growlers? A. We do fill outside/foreign/blank growlers as long as:

  • the growler is actually made for containing beer (= a growler)
  • the growler is the the following volume sizes: 1lit/32oz, 2lit/64oz.
  • the growler is clean. We may reject that growler or charge you a cleaning fee.
  • the growler does not show another brewery's logo and wording. Any other brewer logo and wording must be covered up in a "presentable" manner. We will cover the growler for you but we might charge you a small convenience fee.
  • you are mindful that we reserve the right to refuse filling any growler we deem unsuitable.

Q. Do you serve food? A. Sorry, we do not. But we do:

  • have Zapp's Potato Chips available for $1
  • allow outside food.
  • invite food trucks on occasion to sell their delicious menu items. See schedule of food trucks on Instagram, Facebook, or our website calendar.

Q. Do you allow kids/minors/dogs?

  • well-behaved minors/kids are welcome :)
  • well-behaved dogs on a leash are welcome :) 

Q. Cash and credit cards accepted? A. Both are accepted. 

Q. Do you sell gift cards? A. We sell gift cards in our Tasting Room.

Q. Can you host private events? A. We can host private events but we do have a brewery space rental fee. Email:

  • Since we are closed Monday and Tuesday, those are the best nights to book for a private event.  

Q. Do you take reservations? A. Yes we take reservations.  Email

Q. Do you offer tours of the brewery? A. We do offer tours if scheduled in advance. Email: Also the Tasting Room is in the brewery and part of the space is adjacent to the brewhouse. But feel free to ask our Tasting Room staff questions.

Q. Do you serve anything other than beer? Wine? Cider? Gluten free beer? A. Sorry but our brewery license does not allow us to serve other alcoholic beverages, nor any beer we did not produce.