Small Batch

Brewing 1 barrel batches at a time allows for continual innovation and experimentation using premium local ingredients.


Vortex IPA

A very balanced IPA, Vortex combines the fresh citrus and passion fruit hop flavors with a warm, toasted malt backbone. 

Apricot Saison

Classic saison clove and pepper notes beautifully compliment a subtle tart apricot flavor. Dry.

Pacific Tide Blonde

A blonde you date, not the one you marry. This one is very drinkable and clean, with just the right amount of hops.

Hop Pun Imperial IPA

Hop heads rejoice. Our Imperial IPA is made in 1/2 barrel batches and dry hopped with a full pound of hops. Full on citrus aroma with piney/resin flavors.

Brown Ale

Slight roasted character brings plenty of flavor to this drinkable timeless ale.

Classic Dry Stout

Classic. Dry. Stout.

Milk Stout

Do you like cream in your coffee? This ale is dark and velvety smooth. 

Belgian Tripel

Clocking in at 9.4% ABV, this ale lets the yeast do all the talking. Nice and spicy up front with fruit and quiet plum notes to round it out.